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We are hard at work behind the scenes to bring an updated portfolio, more detailed information about our service offerings, and online price lists. In the meantime, feel free to contact us for pricing, availability, and any other questions you may have.

About Us

Reality Squared Services is a small company with the big idea to bring together a broad range of services, allowing us to tailor fit to your requirements. If you just want your computer fixed, or need product shots for a new invention, we can do that. If you want an event photographed and put into an online gallery for your friends and family to buy prints, it's not a problem. If your company needs a new website, new logo, promotional photos, and wants to roll it all out with a new advertising flier, consider it done.

But Reality Squared is more than just a business. It is a passion. We have a genuine interest in all of the services we offer, and we are driven to go the extra mile to bring you the best experience and final product we possibly can.

Who We Are

Reality Squared Services is run hands-on by company founder, Pat Griffin. A "jack of all trades" personality and characteristic curiosity have aided in developing skills across a wide range of subjects. Being geek by nature has led to a deep understanding of how things work, whether it's the nuts and bolts that make up a web page, the intricacies of fixing a computer, or the variables involved in properly lighting a photograph.

RSS puts these skills to use to deliver our clients with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. We work on a small scale and bring in additional help only when necessary, so we can keep overhead down and deliver personalized service at a price that competes with larger companies where you would be treated as a number.

What We Do

Reality Squared Services covers a wide spectrum of technology, media, and web-related offerings. In the south-east Michigan area, we feature on-site technology services including computer repair and troubleshooting, wired and wireless networking, home theatre system setup, and more. We also offer a full range of photography and videography services.

In addition to local services, we also offer services over the web, including web design and programming, graphics, photographic retouching and restoration, and much more. These are available to most customers without any need for on-site contact, and may be both billed and delivered electronically.

Please browse through the pages of this site to get a more complete picture of the breadth of our products and services, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Even if what you need isn't listed on the site, it never hurts to ask if it is something we can do.

Our History

Reality Squared started in 1994 as "Reality Squared Design." Back then, it was simply a name attached to art and design projects by company founder, Pat Griffin. Although a company was not even a consideration way back then, the name stuck.

In 1995, Reality Squared Design made its debut on the Internet as a subset of Pat Griffin's personal webpage, where it acted as an artistic outlet. Back then, the web was a very different place. Most people still connected with modems (with 56k connection speeds, if they were lucky), and things like Google, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon were -- at best -- just a twinkle in some fledgling developer's eye.

Reality Squared finally got its own domain name in 1999, though at that time the domain continued to host various other websites and projects in addition to the Reality Squared Design website. However, by the end of the year, those other sites relocated to a different domain or were discontinued. All of the remaining sites -- Reality Squared included -- received a major overhaul between 1999 and 2000. This ground-up redesign included all new graphics, scripts, and interactive features. This redesign of Reality Squared marked the first time that it was truly considered a "company." The site offered web design, graphic design, programming, and other related services.

Finally, in 2008, local photographic and technology services were added to the menu, establishing an extended range of possibilities, as well as a new business model. After more than 14 years, Reality Squared finally became a legal entity. On May 22nd, the company was re-branded and incorporated as "Reality Squared Services, LLC." Development started on a new website to represent this new direction, and in December of 2008, the redesigned site went live.