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Introducing Technology Services from RSS

With the 2008 reformation of Reality Squared Design into Reality Squared Services, LLC, one of the many changes was the addition of local technology services. With decades of experience with a wide range of technology, we are able to offer setup, repair, and optimization to suit nearly any need. If you live in Southeast Michigan (north of Detroit), we can deliver results to your doorstep.

Computer Rescue

With the pervasiveness of the Internet into all aspects of life, it is only a matter of time before you or someone you know is struck by a virus, spyware, or other malicious software that invades your computer. These intrusions not only slow down the performance of your computer, but they present serious security risks as well.

An infected system can send data from your computer to outsiders, let hackers silently gain control of your system, or log your various passwords as you type. As the software to remove these threats becomes better and easier to use, hackers become more sophisticated in the methods they use to infect your system and hide their tracks. Often, no one method will effectively clean a system. To truly get to the root of the problem takes a combination of software tools and specific knowledge.

With computer experience that pre-dates widespread use of the Internet, we have the background needed to flush out the threats and get your computer back up to speed.

Audio/Video Assistance

Do the numbers 480, 720, and 1080 baffle you? Does the difference between standard and HD elude you? Does the jumble of wires behind your entertainment system make you reach for the aspirin? Don't worry; we can help!

The A/V systems in most homes are often pieced together over time using many different technologies, brands, and types of connections. A TV here, a new stereo a couple of years later, a hand-me-down DVD Player, etc... This jigsaw effect can make it difficult to configure a system to give you the best picture and sound. We can check cables and configurations, verify speaker polarity and relative volume levels, and even program a universal remote to reduce the clutter on your coffee table.

In addition to tweaking existing systems, we can also set up new systems from scratch. If you are looking to upgrade to a new system, but find yourself lost amongst the many options, you can even call us in to consult, and be sure you are getting the best system for your money.

Home Networks

We live in a world where a wired home (or more likely, wireless) is becoming the rule, rather than the exception. Home video game consoles have online functionality, TVs are being released with integrated web browsers, and even previously stand-alone products such as digital photo frames are now being paired with online photo services to keep your photos connected.

We can help you get your home web-enabled, regardless of whether you choose to plug in or go wireless. A wired, centralized network with drops all over the house can be used for high-speed computer networks, telephone, and in some cases, even audio. Wireless solutions can free you to move about your house (or even outside) with your wireless device, and still enjoy an online connection.

Wireless routers -- if not properly configured -- can open the door to your network, allowing strangers to use your Internet connection, and possibly even get into the devices on your network. Reality Squared Services can configure your network to close that door, and protect you from intruders, while still keeping all of your devices connected.

And We're Just Getting Started...

This page is more of a placeholder at the moment, but it will be expanded as time goes by, to detail all of the tech-related services we offer. In the meantime, if you have any questions all you have to do is ask.