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Photography by Reality Squared Services

RSS offers a wide range of photography services, from portraits and event photography, to product and architecture shots, and just about everything in between. We do not operate a traditional studio, but instead bring the studio to you, shoot on location, and do all we can to fit your schedule instead of making you fit into ours.

RSS operates out of Southeast Michigan, north of Detroit. We can also handle contract work for out-of-town clients who require photography from our area, and depending on the circumstances, we can even travel to shoots outside our immediate area. We have shot weddings in Florida, Missouri, Illinois and Michigan, and have provided various types of photography in locations both near and far.

The pages that follow should start to give you an idea of what we do. This website has undergone a recent redesign, so things are a little sparse at the moment. But in the coming months, we will add more detailed information and examples, as well as expand our online portfolio. In the meantime, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss pricing, scheduling, or other details, let us know.

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Writing with Light

The word "photography" literally means "to write with light." The job of a camera is to record the light that is focused by its lens. Knowing how control the amount, quality, and placement of this light is what separates everyday photos from those that demand attention.

It is this understanding of light that forms the foundation of Reality Squared Photography. Using a combination of time-honored lighting techniques and modern technology, beautiful photos are no longer reserved strictly for those with the biggest budgets. Whether it is event photography with the drama and spectacle of a magazine layout, a portrait with the care and attention to detail of a coffee table book, or an advertising shot that outclasses your competition, we bring your vision within your grasp.

Embracing Technology

As technology marches on, new innovations streamline the photography workflow from beginning to end. By shooting digital, clients can see results on the spot, and changes can be made on the fly. Advances in software and services allow entire photoshoots to be online for preview and print ordering within hours of being taken. The latest in image editing software allows images to be composited, tweaked, and altered into one of a kind creations where the only limit is your imagination.

Sharing Your Vision

No matter what the subject or purpose of your photos, Reality Squared will make every effort to bring your vision to life. We will work with you from the very beginning to understand your needs, and make sure your photos deliver on them. We capture the magic and excitement of special events. We tailor unique portraits for couples, individuals, families, and groups. We display products in the best light for advertising. No matter what your needs, we will develop the photos which are right for you.