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Animated Graphics

Animated graphics are a tricky thing to deal with. When done wrong, they can make your site look tacky and unprofessional. When done right, they can be a tasteful addition and enhancement to your site. There are times when animated graphics are just not appropriate, and half the job is knowing the difference. With years of graphic design experience, Reality Squared Services will see to it that any animations we produce will serve only to improve upon your site.

Get Attention

Animated images can add a bit of visual flair to liven up an otherwise static site. By using simple animated graphics integrated into the site interface, your site can appear to come off the page.

Illustrate a Point

Animated graphics can be very useful in getting your point across. Sometimes people need to see things visually to really understand them. If you have a site that needs to have a graphic explanation or any other kind of animated display added, we can produce it for you.

Have Some Fun

Not all animations have to be strictly for professional purposes. If you have an idea for a humorous animation, or something you would like to have done just for fun, we can probably visualize it for you.