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Digital Imaging

Reality Squared Services offers a full range of digital imaging services to produce the highest quality results for your web site, or any other application. Image restoration and editing can make your photos look the way you always wished they would. We also provide photography services to produce additional content where needed.


If you need images scanned for the web, for newsletters, or for any other purpose, we can do it for you. Simply send us what you need scanned, we will output the job to your specifications, add any changes or enhancements you request to the images, and then return the originals along with the digital versions on your choice of a CD or DVD. Or, for faster results, you may chose to receive the images via the web and make use of them immediately.

Digital Image Editing

Have you ever had a photograph that you liked, but one thing bugged you about it? Maybe it was a family photo with that one annoying cousin you wish wasn't in it. Or an otherwise good picture which you wish had a better looking background. Don't wish anymore, make it happen! With the power of image editing software, nearly anything you can think of can be done. Photographs can be composited to combine the best elements of each, parts of the image can be painted over, replaced, or otherwise changed. Your images can look the way you have always wanted them to.

Image Restoration

Reality Squared Services can enhance and restore quality to old or damaged images. The best results can be obtained when we have the originals to work from, so we can scan the image in from scratch and start with the best possible version. From there, creases and folds can be edited out, spots and aging can be removed, color can be adjusted, and other editing can bring the image back to top notch quality.

Digital Photography

If you need images to enhance your website, but you don't have the time or the equipment, we can provide digital photography services. If you need general photography of common things such as cars, objects, public scenes, and other subjects where the exact location doesn't matter, Reality Squared Services can take the pictures for you using digital equipment and provide you with high quality copies for use on your web site or in publications.

If you need more specific photography, such as pictures of your building, of you, of branch locations or other specific elements, we can provide those services only to customers within our area. We are based in southeast Michigan, so if you need photography services north of Detroit, we can help.