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Image Re-Creation

Reality Squared Services can re-create or restore quality to older versions of images and logos. While the results will vary based on the quality of the original source, in many cases luster can be restored, and logos can be re-created in crisp, sharp detail to give your site a new look.

Restore Lost Quality

If you are not happy with the quality of your current logo, graphics, link buttons, or other page elements, Reality Squared Services can attempt to create brand new graphics that are as close to the original as possible, yet offer crisper detail, and often a better look for your website overall.

We can work from web graphics, or even from paper originals to re-create your logo in a web based form. Why settle for a poor scan of your logo from a business card or stationary when it can be restored like new to a graphic image that outshines the original source?

Web Ready or Press Ready

Whether you need your images recreated to provide a better look for your website, or you need to give a fresh look to a 20 year old corporate logo for your stationary or publications, Reality Squared Services can reproduce your work in a way you never though possible. We can provide you with compressed versions of your graphics for use on a website, or fully detailed uncompressed versions that are ready for any printed application from an in-house newsletter to a large corporate Open Document Server environment.