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If you so choose, Reality Squared Services can maintain your site for you. These cases are considered on an individual basis, and we obviously cannot take responsibility for a huge site, but for relatively small websites that require a small number of updates per month, we do offer maintenance agreements.

We Do The Work For You

We understand that not everyone who wants a web page has the knowledge that it takes to maintain one. If you want to express yourself to the Internet, but you don't know how, then you can provide us with the content you want, and we will run the site for you.

Link Checking

As part of our maintenance, we will run a regular check for broken links on your site. This will help isolate errors in the site that detract from the overall impression it leaves. We check all links, including those to external sites, so if you have links to a website and that website moves or disappears, we will know about it, and we will fix or remove the link as quickly as possible.

Guaranteed To Work

Allowing us to maintain your site gives us full access, and with full access we can test things better, and fix things faster. This way you never have to suffer from the embarrassment of a non-working site. We stay on top of things so you don't have to.