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Website Renovation

Does your existing site need a face lift? Does it need a complete overhaul? Do you want W3C to be sure that your layout works in every major browser? Do you want to take advantage of the time saving features of Cascading Style Sheets and Server Side Includes? Do you need interactive scripts to enhance your site? Reality Squared Services provides all of these services and more.

New Graphics

If you would like to spruce up your site with new graphics or animations, we can do it for you. We can match virtually any existing site design to create new graphics which blend seamlessly with the old. We can also recreate existing graphics at higher quality if you wish to improve the look of your site.

Reality Squared Services can create graphics to suit any need.

New Site Design and Layout

If you would like to renovate your site with an interesting new layout and interface, we can do the job for you. Whether you just need to show your content in a new way, or you need all new graphics to go along with it, we can handle it.

Custom Scripting

Do you like your current site, but wish it had some interactive features? We can add custom scripts to your site for practically any application. It could be something as simple as your own counter script, or a contact form, or more complex scripts that allow error messages (such as File Not Found errors) to be displayed in a format that seamlessly matches your site. We make customized "Tell a Friend" scripts, voting scripts, and other interactive features to allow your visitors to get more out of your site.

If you can imagine it, Reality Squared Services can probably create a Perl Script that does it.

Other Services

There are no limits to the changes we can bring to an existing site. Any service that we provide for new sites can be applied to existing sites as well, including -- but not limited to:

If you don't see what you need done listed here, don't worry, we can probably do it! Just let us know, and we will work with you to give you the site that you want.

Fully Tested

All changes we make will be fully tested before they ever go online. Tests include HTML and CSS validation of every page to ensure that all code is 100% compliant. In addition, spelling and grammar are checked, all custom scripts are thoroughly tested, speed tests are performed to be sure the site downloads quickly for modem users, and every link on the site is checked to be sure there are no mistakes.

Reality Squared Services makes sure that everything is working before any changes are made public.